Cataracts and Implants

Cataracts and Implants

The need for cataract surgery varies for each patient and becomes necessary when your vision becomes bothersome or cloudy enough to interfere with your daily routine. Modern cataract surgery is a commonly performed procedure. Eye Care surgeons use state-of­-the-art, small incision, no stitch techniques. Most patients are in and out of the surgery center within three hours and able to resume normal activities quickly. Concerns about cataract surgery are normal. In this technological age, however, surgical procedures are safe, comfortable, and recovery time is quick.


LenSx® is a revolutionary laser procedure for patients with cataracts that creates a perfect circular opening to the lens for a lens to be implanted. Previously, surgeons had to create the opening manually with a scalpel with nowhere near the precision the LenSx® laser provides.


ReStor® is a multifocal lens that can repair cataracts, correct vision near, far and in-between, for your best chance at freedom from glasses.


Toric is a monofocal lens that is designed to correct both cataracts and astigmatism at the same time.


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