Eye Surgery

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Each surgeon at Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons is certified by The American Board of Ophthalmology. Our physicians will recommend surgical procedures only after careful review and evaluation of your vision care options. If you select a surgery option, our highly-trained and experienced surgical support team will thoroughly review the procedure with you and help you make the appropriate appointments, transportation arrangements, and follow-up care visits.


The need for cataract surgery varies for each patient. It often becomes necessary when your vision begins to interfere with your daily routine. As you get older, the proteins in your eye can change causing parts of the natural lens in your eye to turn cloudy. This is known as a cataract. It can make things look blurry or give them a brownish tint.

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness, especially in older people. But they can be corrected through surgery. Modern cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Our surgeons use small incision, no stitch techniques in our state-of­-the-art surgery center. Most patients are in and out of surgery within three hours and able to resume normal activities quickly. Concerns about having cataract surgery are normal. By using the latest in medical technology, this surgical procedure is safe and comfortable, with a quick patient recovery time.

Lens Implants

Each eye has a lens — a clear protein and water substance that sits behind the pupil. The lens focuses light onto the retina, which sends it to your brain. An intraocular lens implant is an artificial replacement for the lens of your eye. It is part of the surgery to fix cataracts.

There are several different lens types:

Toric is a monofocal lens that is designed to correct both cataracts and astigmatism at the same time.

PanOptix® are multifocal lenses that can repair cataracts, correct vision for near, far and in-between. This is your best chance at freedom from glasses. 

Vivity® is a intraocular lens that provides cataract patients with a continuous range of vision — for distant and intermediate tasks, while also providing you with functional near vision. These implants can reduce your need for glasses when performing up-close tasks such as using your smartphone or reading a menu with inadequate light. These lenses mitigate the effects of presbyopia by providing an extended depth of focus and provide improved intermediate and near vision, while maintaining comparable distance vision.

Vivity® will also correct aphakia in adult patients with corneal astigmatism whom have had a cataractous lens removed by extracapsular cataract extraction. 
To find out if you are a viable candidate for eye surgery and lens implants, please contact our office by calling (503) 585-2020 for a personalized screening appointment.

Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery

Glaucoma is a condition that requires lifelong monitoring and treatment. While there is no “cure” for glaucoma, early detection and ongoing treatment can control the disease process. Eye Care’s physicians will work with you to determine the best treatment plan. Treatment for glaucoma can include medication and/or surgery. Glaucoma surgery may be performed using a laser or conventional surgical techniques. The kind of surgery your Eye Care physician recommends or advises depends on many factors, including the type and severity of your glaucoma and other eye problems or health conditions.

Improve Your Appearance

As an oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chad M. Bingham specializes in the functional and cosmetic evaluation and treatment of your eyes, including upper and lower eyelids, eyebrows, and mid-face areas.

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

An oculofacial plastic surgeon specializes in functional and cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, eyebrows, ocular orbit, and mid-face area. This includes the surgical treatment of droopy eyelids (ptosis repair and blepharoplasty), brow lifts with minimally invasive techniques, Botox® injections, reconstruction of the face after skin cancer removal, treatment of tearing, eyelid lesions, facial trauma, orbital tumors, thyroid eye disease, and more.

As the only fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon in Salem and the surrounding region, 
Dr. Bingham provides safe and practical surgery for eyelids, eyebrows, and the mid-face area surrounding your eyes. Many of these procedures are often covered by your medical insurance.

Eye Care’s Oculofacial Plastic Surgery office is located at 1285 Liberty Street SE, next to our main clinic near Salem Hospital and Downtown Salem. Please call 503-585-2022 to schedule an appointment.